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10 Tech Podcasts You Need to Check Out

10 Tech Podcasts You Need to Check Out

From smartphones to social media, from videoconferencing to virtual reality, digital technology touches every aspect of our daily lives. It’s therefore hardly surprising that technology podcasts have become so popular in recent years.

People today want to make sense of our brave new tech-driven world, and to understand how we got here and where we’re headed. If you’re one of these tech-curious listeners, here are 10 fascinating tech podcasts you won’t want to miss.


1. American Innovations

We tend to think of digital technology as a contemporary phenomenon. In fact, the digital takeover has its roots in a long history of invention and innovation. The podcast is hosted by Steven Johnson, author of the bestselling book How We Got to Now and a number of other works about ideas and innovation.

American Innovations offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives and work of the past century’s greatest scientists and engineers. It shows us that today’s technology is the result of an impressive legacy of hard work, collaboration, competition, and surprises.

2. Internet History Podcast

Think of this podcast as the internet-specific version of How We Got to Now. TED resident Brian McCullough takes listeners on a deep dive into the unbelievable history of the internet. He offers fascinating details and awe-inspiring stories about business and technology in episodes that mix interviews with straight-up narration.

Have you ever wanted to know what the first ever text message said? Or why passed on an offer to buy Google for $750,000 in 1999? Listen to this podcast to find out.

3. The Future of Everything

The first two podcasts in this roundup cover where we’ve been, but what about where we’re headed? The Future of Everything is produced by the Wall Street Journal.

It tackles the big question of how science and technology are transforming every aspect of our society, including business, industry, and culture. The podcast is an excellent and thought-provoking look at our future, backed up by some quality reporting.

4. Analog(ue)

If you’re not sure where all this technological advancement leaves humanity, Analog(ue) is the podcast for you. Unlike many other shows which focus exclusively on the functional details of our digital devices, Analog(ue) also explores how these devices make us feel.

It addresses the many ways, positive and negative alike, in which they change our lives. A unique and refreshing take on the tech podcast genre for listeners who don’t want to ignore the human element of the digital revolution.

5. IRL

It’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish between “real life” and the lives we live online. Indeed, for many people today, online life is real life. The implications of that conflation deserve serious consideration.

Enter IRL, a podcast that tackles the biggest issues of our digital-oriented age, from privacy breaches and hacking to fake news and cyberbullying. Join host Veronica Belmont as she sets out to prove that, as humans created the internet, we also have the power to change the direction it’s going.

6. Reply All

For a lighter take on some of the weirdness we encounter online every day, check out Reply All. It is your personal guide to some of the most bizarre rabbit holes on the internet.

This investigative podcast explores the strangest puzzles of our hyper-connected world. Learn everything from why mysterious Amazon packages keep arriving at random addresses to the identity of the perpetrators behind those pervasive call center scams.

7. This Week in Google and The Talk Show

It’s impossible to talk about our current digital age without also discussing some of the tech giants which brought it about. True to its name, This Week in Google offers a weekly deep dive into the world of Google.

Everything Google is on the table. News, gadgets, innovations, controversies, and competitors are all discussed with insight and enthusiasm by the show’s three hosts and their guests.

If you’re all about Apple rather than Android, The Talk Show is a fascinating overview of the 21st century’s leading tech company. Hosted by industry pundit John Gruber, The Talk Show presents unique stories about Apple, its products, and its history, and also takes a look at the company’s latest news.

8. Clockwise

Listeners who are pressed for time (and who isn’t these days?) will appreciate the format of Clockwise. This fast-paced podcast is a rapid-fire analysis of the latest technology issues.

Using a round-table discussion format, the two regular hosts and two special guests tackle four different topics each episode. Each show runs no longer than 30 minutes.

9. Accidental Tech Podcast

This podcast is for all the diehard tech fans out there. ATP, as it’s known to its listeners, is hosted by three incredibly knowledgeable developers. Listening to their in-depth conversations is like having a front row seat at the hottest industry event.

The show’s subjects range from detailed reviews of the latest products to analyses of the minutiae of programming languages to current industry news and rumors. In other words, it’s not a show for novices, but rather listeners who already have a good grasp of tech can’t seem to get enough.

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