Business Leader and Philanthropist

About Dr. Ehsan Bayat

Ehsan Bayat

An internationally recognized humanitarian based in his home country of Afghanistan, Ehsan Bayat is the founder of the Bayat Foundation. The charitable organization is dedicated to addressing important humanitarian concerns in Afghanistan and has sponsored more than 300 projects across the country. The Bayat Foundation focuses many of its efforts on public health issues, such as maternal care and early childhood health. Since its establishment in 2005, the foundation has built 13 maternity hospitals across the country, extending crucial healthcare services to millions of mothers and their children.

Under the leadership of Mr. Bayat, the Bayat Foundation has also improved educational opportunities for young Afghans. The organization has delivered financial support for the construction of several orphanages, which provide shelter, food, and education for Afghan children. At higher education institutions such as the American University of Afghanistan and Nangarhar University, the Bayat Foundation has sponsored the renovation of gymnasium facilities, the construction of new computer labs, and the delivery of textbooks for students.

In 2006, Afghan president Hamid Karzai presented Mr. Bayat with the National Human Rights Award on behalf of the Afghanistan Human Rights Association. Mr. Bayat later accepted the 2007 Humanitarian of the Year Award from Zeba Magazine and the 2010 Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian Award.

In the business sector, Ehsan Bayat is the founder of Afghan Wireless, the largest mobile phone service provider in Afghanistan. Serving more than 5 million subscribers in all 34 provinces, Afghan Wireless employs over 6,000 people directly and 100,000 people indirectly. Mr. Bayat is also the founder of Ariana Television and Radio Network (ATN), a private media company reaching 25 million Afghans and many more Dari and Pashto speakers worldwide.