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Bayat Energy Pursues Schlumberger Oilfield Equipment for Afghanistan

In late June, Bayat Energy and Schlumberger announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that outlined a collective plan for a non-exclusive agreement that would secure the sale and leasing of certain Schlumberger oilfield equipment solely in Afghanistan. Schlumberger creates state-of-the-art oil and gas solutions that would speed the exploration and development of specific regions in Afghanistan that may contain oil and gas resources. Bayat Energy maintains a commitment to performing exploration and development in an environmentally responsible manner using specialized tools and an experienced workforce.

An agreement with Schlumberger would allow Bayat Energy to move forward with its intentions in a timely and safe manner. Bayat Energy has pursued partnerships with other key companies to help transform the Afghan hydrocarbon exploration and production industry and generate new jobs and wealth for the country.

Schlumberger remains a world leader in oil and gas industry technology with a reputation for providing industry-leading project management and information solutions that are fully integrated with its equipment. The products and expertise offered by Schlumberger will prove invaluable to Bayat Energy’s goals for the Afghan oil and gas market.

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