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8 Afghan Wireless Services You Need to Check Out in 2019

8 Afghan Wireless Services You Need to Check Out in 2019


As the first and most innovative telecommunications company in Afghanistan, Afghan Wireless is constantly improving its offerings, adding exciting features, and finding new and different ways to give excellent value. Fortunately, 2019 is shaping up to be yet another great year for the company and its subscribers.

Read on for a look at eight of the company’s best value-added services you won’t want to miss in the months ahead.

1. Kahkashan Combo voice bundle

For Afghan Wireless subscribers, keeping in touch with family, friends, and loved ones by phone or SMS has never been easier. AWCC’s new Kahkashan Combo voice bundle brings together on-network calling minutes, on-network SMS messages, and Facebook access in one great package.

AWCC pre-paid customers can subscribe to the plan for 24 hours or for 30 days. Daily plans start at 15 AFN for 20 on-network minutes and SMS messages. Monthly plans start at 220 AFN for 600 on-network minutes and messages.

2. Kahkashan Combo data packs

For customers looking for value in data allowance rates, the new Kahkashan Combo data packs offer some of the best rates around. The data packs allow customers to take advantage of Afghanistan’s fastest data network, as well as making on-network calls and sending SMS messages.


There are three packs available, each valid for 30 days. The smallest pack offers 1 GB of data, 30 on-network minutes, and 300 SMS messages for 199 AFN. The largest pack offers 4 GB, 120 on-network minutes, and 1,200 SMS messages for 499 AFN.

The data allowance is good for any network access of any caliber, including 4G. customers should note that half the allowance is for anytime access and half is for night internet only.

3. 3G/4G packages

AWCC is proud to provide a broad range of data packages that give subscribers access to the country’s best data network at an affordable price. There is truly something for every customer.

For example, subscribers who only browse the internet occasionally may choose packages like the Daily Mini, which offers 30 MB over one day for just 10 AFN. Alternatively, they may be interested in the Monthly Mini, which offers 1 GB over 30 days for 250 AFN.

Intensive data users, on the other hand, will benefit from packages like the Monthly Mega, which costs 600 AFN and offers 5 GB over 30 days. The Big Data Bundle costs 1,500 AFN and offers 32 GB over 30 days. There are also packages specifically for Facebook access or night internet usage.

Note that, in order to access AWCC’s 3G/4G network, customers must ensure that their device is 3G or 4G enabled. If it is not, an upgrade may be required.

4. Low-rate international calls

Afghan Wireless knows that many of its customers have friends and family living abroad. That’s why the company is proud to offer some of the lowest rates in Afghanistan for international calls.

For a fee of just 1 AFN per day, AWCC subscribers can make long-distance calls to 13 countries (including India, the USA, Australia, Bangladesh, and China) for 3.75 AFN per minute. This promotion is open to all customers on pre-paid plans with AWCC. Subscription to the plan is available via USSD and SMS.

5. Bemesal Plan

This convenient plan ensures that AWCC customers are always getting the best rates for local calls, regardless of whether they’re calling other Afghan Wireless subscribers or friends and family on other networks.

The plan is available in three versions. Bemesal 1 is valid for one day and offers 20 minutes of calling for 50 AFN. Bemesal 2 and 3 are monthly plans offering 70 or 250 minutes of calling for 150 AFN and 250 AFN, respectively. The Bemesal Plan is ideal for customers making frequent local calls to contacts on a variety of networks.

6. Rasana

An increasing number of Afghans are using their mobile devices as their main channel for keeping up with local and international news. AWCC helps keep subscribers current with its Rasana service. It provides regular news alerts directly to customer handsets.


For 2 AFN per day, subscribers can get the latest breaking news, international news, weather forecast, and currency exchange rate. Rasana is available in both Dari and Pashto.

7. Twitter without internet

With AWCC’s Twitter without internet service, customers will never have to miss a single tweet, even if they don’t always have a Wi-Fi connection. Daily, weekly, and monthly packages are available for 5 AFN, 20 AFN, and 40 AFN. There is an option for easy renewal.

8. Balance transfer option

Subscribers who are upgrading or changing to a different Afghan Wireless device don’t have to leave their account balances behind. Pre-paid balances between 10 and 50 AFN can be easily transferred to any other AWCC device for the low fee of 2 AFN.

To transfer a balance, simply dial 444*1*070. Then, enter the amount of the balance to be transferred.

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