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9 Afghan Wireless Services You Need to Check Out in 2018

9 Afghan Wireless Services You Need to Check Out in 2018

If it’s been a while since the last time you checked out the offerings from Afghan Wireless (AWCC), start 2018 off right by seeing what’s new and what’s hot at Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications company. Read on for a round-up of nine value-added services you won’t want to miss this year.

  1. Gmail on SMS

Do you find it difficult to receive and respond to e-mails promptly because of a lack of reliable internet connectivity? AWCC’s Gmail on SMS service is the perfect solution, allowing you to read, reply to, forward, and compose Gmail messages via SMS on any kind of handset. The service is available in daily, weekly, and monthly bundles, with prices ranging from 5 AFN to 45 AFN, and all bundles are automatically renewable. With Gmail on SMS, you’ll never have to wait for Wi-Fi to stay connected.

  1. New All-Net Offer

Afghan Wireless has always made it easy for subscribers to talk to each other, but now you can also enjoy low rates when you call and text with friends and family on other networks. With AWCC’s New All-Net Offer, which is available to subscribers with Top SIM and 2.99 plans, calls to customers outside the AWCC network cost just 1.98 AFN per minute, with a daily rental rate of 1 AFN. The offer is subscription based with a convenient auto-renewal policy, and subscribers who choose it also have the option to add on international long distance offers.

  1. Bemesal Plan

If you want to know you’re getting the best rate, no matter who you call, be sure to check out the Bemesal Plan. This convenient monthly bundle offers competitive rates for both on- and off-net calling: choose between 70 minutes for 150 AFN, or 250 for 450 AFN. A daily offer, with 20 minutes for 50 AFN, is also available. While minutes can’t be used for international calls or for calls made while roaming, it’s an ideal option if you’re making lots of local calls to customers on a variety of other networks.

  1. Plan 5-4

If you have friends and family abroad that you’d like to stay in touch with, Plan 5-4 offers great long distance rates to five countries: the US, India, China, Malaysia, and Canada. With a subscription fee of just 20 AFN, you can call any of these countries for 4 AFN per minute, making Plan 5-4 one of the most affordable long distance calling options around.

  1. Night Call Offer

Night owls will love talking the night away with AWCC’s Night Call Offer. Specially created to take advantage of off-peak hours, this offer allows 2.99 plan subscribers to enjoy 300 minutes of calling between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:59 a.m. for a daily fee of 10 AFN (monthly packages are also available). With value like this, you’ll have a whole new reason to stay up late (or wake up early!). The offer can be easily activated or deactivated by texting the offer code to AWCC’s subscriber portal.

  1. Night Data Bundles

Speaking of night owls, if you want to make the most of your nighttime hours, AWCC’s Night Data Bundles will let you surf the web all night long at off-peak rates. Try the daily option, which gives you 500 MB of data for 25 AFN, the weekly option of 1.5 GB of data for 75 AFN, or the monthly option of 4 GB of data for 199 AFN. Night data bundles are valid between the hours of midnight and 7:00 a.m.

  1. Gaming Portal

As well as making it easy for you to stay connected to friends and family, Afghan Wireless also wants you to have a little fun with AWCC’s Gaming Portal. With this value-added service, you can play your favorite games on your mobile device any time you like, with the option to either download the games or play them through HTML 5. Choose from a daily subscription of five games for 5 AFN, a weekly subscription of 20 games for 20 AFN, or a monthly subscription of 50 games for 50 AFN. As a special bonus, you’ll receive 10 days of free gaming when you first sign up for the service.

  1. Saaz-O-Awaz Karaoke Service

If your idea of fun looks more like singing with your friends than playing mobile games, you won’t want to miss Saaz-O-Awaz, AWCC’s new karaoke service. AWCC subscribers can download the Saaz-O-Awaz app from the Play Store, and enjoy unlimited daily, weekly, or monthly karaoke songs for 5 AFN, 20 AFN, or 80 AFN respectively. You can also record your favorite songs so you can relive your singing highlights again and again.

  1. World FM Radio

Let your phone connect you to music from all over the world with AWCC’s World FM Radio service. No internet connectivity or special apps needed: just subscribe to the service for a daily fee of 3 AFN, and listen to up to 60 minutes of music and news from FM radio channels from all around the globe right on your handset.

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