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9 of the Best Mobile Games of 2017

9 of the Best Mobile Games of 2017

If you like mobile games, you’ll love the new Afghan Wireless Gaming Club. One of AWCC’s great value-added services, the gaming club allows users to log into a gaming portal, and download their favorite games or play them using HTML 5. Starting subscription rates are as low as five AFN for five games (valid for one day of gaming), and new subscribers can now enjoy 10 days of free gaming when they sign up, thanks to AWCC’s special trial offer.

Not sure what games you’d like to check out first? Read on for a look at some of the best mobile games released in 2017, and make sure you add them to your “must play” list.


Monument Valley 2

This follow-up to the beloved original sees you take on the role of guide to a mother and child as you all journey through a landscape of magical architecture. The enchanting, maze-like world will captivate lovers of puzzles and fans of M.C. Escher, and you’ll delight in the wondrously complex and contorted paths you’ll create as you twist and turn the buildings.


Layton’s Mystery Journey

If you’re a fan of detective stories, you won’t want to miss Layton’s Mystery Journey, the newest installment of the extremely popular series featuring Professor Hershel Layton and his daughter Katrielle. In this game, Katrielle sets up her own detective agency, complete with an assistant and a talking dog, with a mission to find her missing father. A highlight of the game, which is set in London, is the chance to tour some of the city’s most famous landmarks alongside the heroine as you discover clues, unravel mysteries, and solve complex brainteasers.


Pigeon Wings

This surprising little game is a real treasure, and one that’s sure to earn a place in your list of favorites. The hero of this side-scrolling game is an ace pilot who just happens to be a pigeon, and your job is to fly your pigeon safely through hazards like buildings and enemy fire by tilting your device forward and backward. The simple gameplay, minimalist visuals, and user-friendly difficulty curve make this game a refreshing change of pace.



An elegant, minimalist puzzle game set in a universe of lines, Linelight showcases mobile gaming at both its simplest and its most captivating. Solve more than 200 beautifully designed puzzles by moving your device to trip switches, avoid hazards, and reach the end of the line. Linelight offers a very peaceful and intuitive gaming experience, perfect for experienced gamers and novices alike.


Sunless Sea

If exploration survival games with complex, in-depth storylines are more to your taste than geometric puzzles, Sunless Sea is the game for you. In this steampunk-inspired world full of beautiful, hand-drawn art, you play the role of captain of a steamer ship, intent on working your way up from a lowly beginner to Captain of the High Seas. Fighting monsters, collecting treasure, managing your crew, and making decisions at key story points will keep you in thrall for hours. Checking out the guide is recommended before beginning play.


Cat Quest

Anyone who loves games like the Legend of Zelda but is looking for a more streamlined and casual experience will enjoy Cat Quest, an open-world role-playing game. As the name suggests, the premise of the game is simple—a cat going on a quest—but it’s full of a sense of adventure, complete with dragons and magic. The game plays out across an overland map, which is a delight for mobile gaming.


Ninja Pizza Girl

A different kind of character on a different kind of quest, the teenage pizza delivery girl who stars in this free-running game won’t let rooftops, bullies, or other obstacles stop her from delivering hot pizzas to her customers. The well-designed gameplay is a treat, and the game also serves up important messages about issues like self-worth and bullying.


Miles & Kilo

Are you feeling nostalgic for classic, old-fashioned arcade games? Miles & Kilo has got you covered. The simple story of this side-scrolling game follows Miles, a boy trying to collect pieces of his shattered vehicle after crash-landing on an island of monsters. This is retro gameplay at its most basic—there are just two buttons, jump and attack—and most delightful.


Quantum Moves

Believe it or not, Quantum Moves isn’t just a game—it’s a complex physics experiment with a mission to help scientists develop next-generation quantum computing algorithms. (Truly.) The game has just one puzzle to master: guiding a choppy liquid across the screen as fast as possible while spilling as little as possible. The trick is that, if you move too fast, the liquid destabilizes and spills. Over time, you’ll find that your brain intuitively adapts to the game’s odd destabilization physics. This is exactly what scientists are looking for, as they will use the strategies from top players to develop quantum computers that are able to adapt to the same physics puzzles.

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