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The Best Services for AWCC Business Subscribers

afghanwireless-logoSince 2002, Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) has worked tirelessly to build a modern, reliable telecommunications network for Afghanistan. The company operates with a dedication to quality and continuous improvement, and with the introduction of each new service or technical capability, Afghan Wireless is changing the way people across the country communicate with one another and the rest of the world.

At the same time, Afghan Wireless is also empowering the Afghan business sector. In addition to its personal products and services, the telecommunications provider offers an extensive suite of business services and technologies to help streamline business communications, giving companies the tools they need to grow and thrive. Here is a selection of the company’s best services for business subscribers.

Flexible Service Plans

Afghan Wireless offers a vast array of service plans for business clients, including both prepaid and postpaid packages. The company’s postpaid pricing plan includes a range of basic, value, and premium price points for services such as voice calls, texting, and SMS roaming, providing for both peak and off-peak times. Companies have the flexibility to select a package that best suits their size and business goals.

Solutions for High Call Volumes

customerAfghan Wireless provides several services designed to meet the needs of companies that field a large volume of calls each day. The company utilizes industry-standard E1 technology to facilitate a high capacity of calls with crisp, clear quality, integrating its services directly with each company’s on-site private automatic branch exchange (PABX) system.

AWCC also provides PABX solutions for companies that send and receive a large volume of calls over the mobile GSM network. Afghan Wireless offers companies the option of routing all traffic through one Afghan Wireless business account, presenting potential savings for those with a need for several phone lines. The AWCC service uses a microwave link to send calls through an E1 circuit, which offers 30 separate voice channels. Companies can opt to add more circuits as their business needs expand. In addition, since the AWCC PABX solution connects business’ landline phones to the Afghan Wireless network, no SIM cards are needed for initial setup or future service enhancements.

Advanced Internet Capabilities

For companies across most business sectors, a fast and reliable Internet connection is a necessity. In order to meet this need, Afghan Wireless offers a service solution that leverages synchronous transfer mode (STM) technology to provide quick and secure Internet connectivity.

Business subscribers using AWCC’s STM solution enjoy industry-leading uptime levels of 99 percent. The service includes 1.2 gigabytes of bandwidth, and the company’s IP-based microwave network facilities enhanced security, including redundancy measures to guard business’ sensitive data.

International Business Needs

internationalAfghan Wireless has developed an expansive international service network that provides numerous possibilities for companies with global telecommunication needs. In addition to offering a special, no-activation-necessary rates for business calls to Pakistan and Iran, the company offers set rates for several countries that its customers frequently contact through its 5-4 plan, which covers calls to the United States, Canada, China, India, and Malaysia for 4 AFN per minute.

Business clients can contact customers and associates in an even wider range of countries with the AWCC 10 for 3.3 plan. This service package includes calls to the US, Canada, China, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Bahamas, as well as landline calls to Germany and the United Kingdom. Companies can choose from various 10-country calling packages ranging from 14 to 150 monthly minutes.

USSD Portal

Afghan Wireless makes it easy for both business and consumer clients to access international calling services as soon as they need them. Customers can purchase international service packages through the AWCC USSD portal, which allows them to easily subscribe to new services, send text messages from their mobile phones to a network application program, and then have the charges automatically applied to their accounts.

Blackberry Devices

BlackBerry logoAWCC customers can purchase Blackberry mobile devices at the more than 70 Afghan Wireless Brand shops located across the country. Known for decades as a leading brand for business communication needs, the smartphone offers email, Internet, SMS, and MMS capabilities supported by Afghan Wireless’ high speed network, in addition to a business organizer and a variety of additional business applications.

Super WiFi

In addition to AWCC’s extensive suite of pre- and postpaid service packages, businesses in Kabul can take advantage of the company’s innovative Super WiFi network. Supported by 350 hotspots strategically positioned across the city, Afghan Wireless Super Wifi is a dedicated high-speed network administered by AWCC and accessible to any Afghan Wireless customer. It allows both business and personal subscribers to surf the Internet without using mobile data while in Kabul, similar to a home or office WiFi network.

Afghan Wireless has developed the Super WiFi service to suit both pre- and postpaid service plans. Prepaid customers can access the network by connecting to “AWCC Super WiFi” on their mobile devices, which will forward them directly to a registration page where they can select a service plan. Postpaid customers can simply access the service through their existing 3G plan by connecting to the “AWCC 3G Accelerator” network.

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