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Spotlight: 9 Fabulous New Services from Afghan Wireless

afghanwirelesslogoIn mid-May 2016, Afghan Wireless celebrated its 14th anniversary. The first wireless communications company in the country, Afghan Wireless laid the foundation for wireless communications in Afghanistan.

People honored the company’s history, as well as its future, during the 14th Anniversary Gala and Awards Ceremony, which featured performances by Amir Jan Saboori and Shahzad Adeel, two renowned Afghan artists. The theme of the event was “14 Years of Spreading Smiles Across Afghanistan,” which showcased the affordable and innovative voice, data, and Internet services that continue to connect Afghans to each other and to the wider world.

When it began operations in 2002, Afghan Wireless initially served 22,000 subscribers in three provinces. Now, the provider offers world-class services to 4.2 million subscribers across all 34 provinces. The company’s customers expect continued innovation in all services, from mobile payment options to high-speed Internet. In total, Afghan Wireless has invested more than $400 million to build the Afghan wireless communications infrastructure and its network remains the largest and strongest in the country. In addition, the company serves as the in-country partner to Apple and remains the only authorized Apple retailer in Afghanistan. The network even stretches beyond Afghanistan with business and consumer clients who are able to use their Afghan Wireless phones in 125 countries.

A Commitment to Continued Innovation

While celebrating its 14th anniversary, Afghan Wireless announced nine key new service innovations that are designed to meet the changing needs of its customers. These innovations include the following:

  1. simcardAWCC Top Sim—The AWCC Top Sim, available at any Afghan Wireless Brand Shop, provides a number of benefits to customers, including in-network calls as low as 1AFN per minute and out-of-network calls for 2AFN per minute. In addition, the sim card comes with a 4.90AFN international calling plan that customers can use in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, China, the United States, Canada, and many other countries. Individuals can learn more about Top Sim from AWCC brand ambassador and musical artist Shahzad Adeel.
  1. Night Surf Bundles—Though the AWCC Night Surf Internet Bundle, people can enjoy a gigabyte of high-speed Internet service for only 20AFN. The service comes with auto-renewals and is available to all prepaid customers, who can opt in by texting N1GB to 151.
  1. Prepaid Data Roaming—Prepaid clients can now use data plans in 10 countries for 3AFN per 10 kilobytes and up. Customers can quickly activate the service as needed by dialing 152 from an AWCC device.
  1. AWCC Minutes Package—Now, prepaid customers have access to daily and monthly minute plans. The minute plans provide 75 minutes of calling for only 25AFN, and the monthly pack includes 6,000 minutes for 499AFN. Users can easily purchase either package directly from their phones.
  1. AWCC Job Portal—To help people find a new, exciting employment opportunity, Afghan Wireless has created a Job Portal that allows customers to receive job alerts whenever a new posting appears that matchers their search criteria. Individuals can enroll in the service for a week (10AFN) or a month (30AFN) by dialing 7171 from their device.
  1. mobile musicAWCC Mobile Radio—This service transforms a mobile device into a personal stereo, thus giving users the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs at any time and in any location. To subscribe, individuals can dial 6677 from their wireless device.
  1. USB Modem—The Afghan Wireless USB Modem makes it fast and easy to connect to the Internet while on the go. Individuals plug the modem into a desktop or laptop computer to gain full Internet access from anywhere in Afghanistan. Individuals can learn more about the modem service, including costs, online at
  1. Caller Ringback Tone (CRBT)—To personalize the calling experience, users can select their favorite songs from the AWCC library and use it as a ringtone to identify specific family members or friends. Individuals can get started with CRBT today by dialing 8282 from a wireless device.
  1. Super WiFi—Users in Kabul and Khost Provinces now have access to expanded Super WiFi data packages, including 50 megabytes and 150 megabytes. The Super WiFi service has the fastest connectively and most robust signal service that connects directly to the Afghan high-speed communications network. For more information about the service, customers can call 123 from their devices.

Even More Innovations for Afghan Wireless Customers

Shortly after the announcement of the above nine new services, Afghan Wireless again acted on its commitment to innovation by connecting clients to their Gmail accounts using SMS, even when they do not have an active Internet connection. The Gmail on SMS service, available to all prepaid customers, allows full usability. Customers can check for new messages in addition to reviewing, composing, sending, and forward e-mails. Individuals can enroll in the service as a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription.

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