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Why Wireless Technology Is Great for Businesses

Why Wireless Technology Is Great for Businesses

Due to the new Super Wi-Fi network from Afghan Wireless, it’s never been easier for businesses based in Kabul to take advantage of the many benefits that wireless technology can bring to companies of all sizes. From boosting productivity to encouraging information sharing, wireless technology is transforming the way that companies do business. Here are some of the most valuable ways in which wireless technology can contribute to a successful business.

Greater mobility and increased collaboration

Wireless technology offers employees the flexibility to move around within the local coverage area without losing their connection. As a result, everyone has the ability to access up-to-the-minute communications, documents, and applications on their network no matter where they might be in the office. The mobility that wireless offers businesses is a huge advantage. It helps make team meetings more efficient—no need to run back to your desk to check for a document when you can access it directly from your laptop at the conference table—and it allows colleagues more freedom to work together and to hold meetings wherever they choose, which encourages better collaboration and team building within the office.

Improved responsiveness

The ability to respond quickly and accurately to a customer’s questions and concerns is at the heart of great customer service. Wireless technology can help your business to achieve this goal by keeping staff connected to the information they need in order to help customers, whether the request is delivered in person or over the phone. For example, an employee in a retail store can use a wireless network to check up on available inventory before writing up an order on the showroom floor. There is no need to make a customer wait while a salesperson goes to check on the inventory.

Ease of expansion

Wireless networks provide great flexibility to rapidly grow your businesses. Expanding a wireless network in an office can be expensive and difficult, with many extra cables and wires needed to be run. But with wireless, it’s easy to add as many new users as you’d like without much additional effort or cost, making wireless a great option for companies that are always expanding and recruiting new employees. A wireless network is also a useful tool for companies that need to reconfigure their office setup frequently, as there are no wires or cables to rearrange.

Enhanced guest access

Another major advantage of wireless technology for a business is that it doesn’t have to be only for your employees. A wireless network gives you the freedom to offer secure guest access to suppliers, associates, or business partners visiting your office, ensuring that everyone has the information they need for a successful business meeting right at their fingertips. Public businesses, such as hotels or restaurants, can also provide guests with wireless access as a special value-added service for customers.

Decreased maintenance costs

Since it relies on physical infrastructure (cables, wires, etc.), a wireless network requires a certain amount of ongoing maintenance to ensure that all equipment is in proper condition. Any breakdowns or other problems must be fixed manually. But with wireless technology, there is no need for such maintenance, thus reducing the time and money that businesses must spend on updating their systems.

Allows employees to bring their own devices

More companies are taking advantage of a growing business phenomenon known as “Bring Your Own Device,” or BYOD. Through this model, employees can access wireless technology at the office using their own laptops and mobile phones. Not only can this phenomenon make it more convenient for employees to complete their work assignments, but it can also represent a potential cost saving for employers, as they do not necessarily need to pay for the cost of hardware for their employees’ devices themselves.

If you are considering making use of wireless technology at your office or business, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Ensure that your devices are wireless

If your employees use laptops, it’s important to make sure that they contain built-in wireless networking connections (while most new laptops do, some older models may not). All other modern mobile devices, including Afghan Wireless mobile handsets, have wireless networking capabilities.

Be aware of location

Signals generated from wireless access points typically extend about 300 feet. However, the signal may sometimes have difficulty traveling through walls, floors, and metal (like an elevator shaft), and a signal that has far to travel will not be as strong as a signal that only has to travel a short distance. You may need to do some testing to determine the locations in your office that offer the best access to one of Afghan Wireless’ 350 WiFi hotspots positioned around Kabul.

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