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You Need to Know about These Cool iOS 11 Features

You Need to Know about These Cool iOS 11 Features

With the iPhone, Apple has created one of the most—if not the most—popular smartphones in the world. The iPhone operating system, iOS, receives continual updates that add functionality and kill bugs. The most recent version update was iOS 11, and iOS 12 is currently in beta release. First announced during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2017, this updated iOS rolled out in mid-September of the same year.

With iOS 11, Apple debuted several new components as well as a number of exciting updates to older features. Although this update has already come out, there may still be a number of features that you have yet to discover. Here are seven of the coolest iOS 11 features that you need to know about:


  1. A personalized Control Center

First implemented through the iOS 7 update, the Control Center helps you find shortcuts for Wi-Fi access, sound controls, brightness, and more from any screen on your iPhone. However, this feature made a big leap forward with the introduction of iOS 11. Unlike in the previous update, iOS 11 consolidates the Control Center to a single page. More importantly, iOS 11 lets you make changes to this page, whether you want to remove the shortcuts that you don’t use or simply move buttons around. You are also free to add buttons for other functions such as Apple Wallet or Voice Memos.


  1. Do Not Disturb mode

It’s never safe to be on your phone while driving. iOS 11 makes it easier to resist the temptation to check your texts or answer calls while on the road by introducing a new Do Not Disturb mode. After you enable this feature in the Settings menu, your phone will stop notifying you of any incoming contact while you are on the road. You can configure your iPhone to send automated messages to anyone who tries to message you, alerting them that you are driving and that you’ll contact them as soon as you are able. On your end, your phone will simply stay dark until you turn the mode off again.


  1. Updates to live photos


Live Photos have become a whole lot more exciting following the iOS 11 update. You can now edit your Live Photos by trimming the edges of the image (and reverting your edits if you aren’t satisfied with them).

iOS 11 also implemented three new motion features that you can use: Bounce, Loop, and Long Exposure. Somewhat akin to the Boomerang feature in Instagram, Bounce allows you to turn your Live Photos into GIFs that move both forward and backward. Loop does exactly what its name suggests; it loops your Live Photos ad infinitum. The new Long Exposure feature allows you to capture the motion of long exposure images with your iPhone camera.

Using the new Bounce and Loop effects, you can send your Live Photos to others through the Mail app. You can even send these images to Android users, though they will only be able to view them as MP4 files.


  1. Share Wi-Fi passwords

If you’re someone who regularly has guests over, then you know what a hassle it can be to spell out overcomplicated Wi-Fi passwords for them. The iOS 11 update makes this easier than ever by providing a quick and easy method for sharing your password with other smartphone users nearby.

Any time someone wants to connect to your Wi-Fi, you will receive a push notification asking for the password. If you choose to share it, your phone will auto-populate your password on their phone, meaning they won’t even know your actual password (should you be wary of giving it out). However, you’ll need to have the person in your address book, and both devices should have Bluetooth and iOS 11 enabled.


  1. Scan documents

Notes, a popular iPhone app, received an exciting update with iOS 11. You can now use the app to scan documents. Simply select the Plus button in Notes and you can scan any paper right into your phone. The app will even crop your documents to fit the size of the page, whether you are importing full-sized papers or small receipts. Once the documents are in your phone, you can rotate, edit, and even make notes on them.


  1. New maps


With iOS 11, Apple has also made some exciting updates to Maps. The app now provides more assistance when you’re on the road, such as suggesting the best lanes to take en route to your destination. Maps also displays the speed limit so you won’t inadvertently exceed it.

The update also incorporated indoor maps, which will help you navigate through shopping malls and airports. These maps provide lists of nearby stores and all the information that you will need to know about them. Maps can also guide you through different floors, so you’ll never get lost.


  1. Dynamic screen capturing

Screen capturing has become easier than ever with iOS 11. Any screenshot you take now shows up in the bottom left of the screen immediately, allowing you to send it to friends or delete it without having to toggle to the photo album section of your phone. You can also edit your screenshots using pen tools, colors, and highlighters.

iOS 11 also allows you to record your iPhone screen without needing to install an additional app. Any screen capture you take will appear in your Photos folder. You can even edit and send your screen recordings to others.

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